Rescuers seize dog that appeared to be hit and bitten by woman on subway

For those of us who are forced to discipline our pets in public, there are a number of considerations that need to be made. In most instances, you should not be striking your pet and it is important to use positive reinforcement when you want to get a point across. Abusing an animal for any reason is wrong, even if they do something that causes you to become angry with them in a public venue.

However, there are far too many people out there who do not see that way and they regularly abuse their pets in plain view. The video below depicts a woman who was riding the subway in Toronto when she decided that her dog needed discipline. Instead of calmly addressing the dog’s actions, she began to strike the animal violently and if that were not enough, she also bit the defenseless creature.

We cannot even begin to imagine what we would do in this scenario. First of all, we would never discipline an animal in this manner, as it is a far less effective method than positive redirection. We also do not know if we would have been able to watch all of this go down without eventually intervening. It is clear to see that the dog is dying to escape from the clutches of this evil woman as the blows rain down on him. (click next to continue article)

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