Bear is the Saddest Dog… No One Wants to Adopt Him!

This is a story about Bear. Meet Bear the saddest dog in Detroit Animal Welfare Group. Bear was found in the streets of Michigan as a stray dog when he was only 7 months old.

Ever since he has been living in the shelter he is spending most of his days just lying on his bed with his head down.

no one adopts shelter saddest dog bear 3

He has to be the saddest dog ever. The workers in the shelter say that Bear was taken to many shows for adoptions but he was always the one who got overlooked by viewers.

He once got adopted but brought back since the family had to move and there were many times where he got turned down at the very last second.

no one adopts shelter saddest dog bear 6

Bear is a sweet pup that keeps it to himself mostly, he is quiet and withdrawn and his only flaw is that he doesn’t get along with the other animals.

Since he is the most quiet and sweet in the shelter the workers don’t understand how come he hasn’t been taken away until now and find his forever home.

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